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What is a pre-roll? 

Put simply, it’s a joint that someone rolled already. All of our pre- rolls is made by hand, we only work with EU industrial hemp that has under 0,2 THC level and is tested and certified in Europe. Either way, pre-rolls are a popular and convenient way to purchase and consume CBD and CBG products. 

Hand made pre-rolls for commercial use are typically cone-shaped and include a handle that is sometimes referred to as a “crutch.” The crutch is a short paper tube on the mouth side of the joint that provides structure for the joint and a convenient handle for passing. It’s normally made of heavier paper like cardstock. It’s not a filter like on a cigarette, but it can stop bits of bud from hitting your lips. The best feature may be that the crutch avoids finger burns when you get to the very end of the joint. 

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